Welcome to Austin LifeRing


LifeRing is a network of people who support one another in living free of alcohol and other non-medically indicated addictive drugs.


LifeRing meetings, in person and online, are friendly, confidential, non-judgmental gatherings of peers. The atmosphere is relaxed, practical, and positive.


LifeRing members believe that complete abstinence from alcohol and other non medically indicated drugs is the necessary foundation for us to lead a better life.


The desire to stop drinking/using is the only requirement for membership in LifeRing. In LifeRing meetings, your religious and spiritual beliefs, or lack of them, remain a private matter. There is no religious or anti-religious content in the meeting process.


LifeRing does not require participants to follow any particular steps or guidelines, other than staying clean and sober. Each participant builds a personal recovery program tailored to their individual needs.


Our meeting format and literature provide a structure for this project.