If this is Day One

Welcome to Austin LifeRing! Austin LifeRing offers face-to-face meetings for secular addiction recovery support in the Austin Area. Meetings are warm, congenial, and full of conversation.  You can expect to be meeting with a small group of people who are all learning how to live in recovery from addiction to alcohol or other non-medically indicated drugs.  Yes, we’re dealing with the serious topics of addiction and recovery, but our conversations also involve lighter moments and good doses of laughter.  There is no charge to attend LifeRing meetings, but we do “pass the hat” to help defray meeting costs and to support operations at the LifeRing Service Center.  So that everyone has the best possible experience in LifeRing meetings, we ask that anyone participating in a LifeRing meeting arrive to the meeting both on time and sober.

LifeRing meetings are called to order by the meeting convenor — the person who brings people together in discussion. The convenor is a peer in recovery, and is a full participant in the meeting. The convenor will help guide conversation and make sure that all those who wish to speak during the meeting have an opportunity to do so. Most of our meetings follow the format of “How Was Your Week in Recovery,” focusing on the successes and challenges of the past week and looking ahead to challenges that might be on the horizon. LifeRing discussions, on the whole, tend to be present and future focused.

We look forward to having you join in conversation.