How LifeRing Is Organized

LifeRing is a free-standing, self-supporting, democratically run organization. We are not affiliated with any other group. We adopted the LifeRing name in 1999 and held our national founding congress in 2001. At this time there are LifeRing meetings in about 20 states and four countries. Each meeting elects a delegate to the annual LifeRing Congress, which decides all major issues of policy and elects the Board of Directors. There is a Service Center and a Press. All directors and officers are unpaid volunteers. We meet expenses by passing the basket at meetings and through literature sales.

The LifeRing approach is compatible with a wide variety of abstinence-based treatment programs. We have letters of reference from treatment professionals. Although our approach is different from 12-step, we operate side by side with 12-step groups without friction.

If you are interested in knowing more, visit the LifeRing web site at, read the books and pamphlets listed in this brochure, or contact the LifeRing Service Center: toll-free 1-800-811-4142 or