The basic LifeRing philosophy is summarized in three words: Sobriety, Secularity, and Self-Help

Sobriety means abstinence from alcohol and other medically nonindicated addictive drugs. In LifeRing, people struggling with a variety of drugs – alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, to name a few – work side by side as members of one family. It is OK to still use tobacco in Life-Ring, but you will get warm support from the group when you quit. LifeRing respects the doctor-patient relationship. If you have been honest with your doctor and your doctor is knowledgeable about addictions, we will support you in taking your medications as prescribed.

Secularity means that your religion or lack of it remains your private business in LifeRing. Our recovery process relies on “S-to-S” connections with other human beings. Whether you believe in a Supreme Being is not important in LifeRing.Meetings do not use prayer or discuss theology, pro or con. What is important is that each person takes responsibility for their own recovery and is available to give support to others.

Self-help means that we each develop a personal recovery program tailored to our particular background and needs. Other than “Don’t Drink or Use,” LifeRing does not believe in a prescribed set of steps that everyone needs to follow. In our meetings you may hear a diversity of approaches to sober living. It is up to you to pick and choose what works for you. Because we do not use a prescribed program, you do not need a special sponsor to guide you. We all sponsor one another. The Recovery By Choice workbook provides a structured framework for building your personal recovery program. You can use the workbook on your own or in a group, or not at all, as you choose. Self-help also means that meetings are led by peers, not by professionals; as soon as you have the requisite sober time, you can take a turn at convening. All LifeRing meetings are based on these three points. On this common foundation you may see a considerable variety of formats and approaches. If you have an idea for a LifeRing meeting or activity, by all means put it forward. LifeRing grows because people like yourself see the value in it and take the initiative to make it available to others.